Jonathan Ledbetter

Web Developer

Portland Oregon


Accompanied by personal photos

Active 20-30 of Portland #122

Active 20-30 International is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of needy children worldwide. Acting as Web Committee Chair for the Portland chapter since 2013, I built the original website in PHP + CodeIgniter, MySQL and jQuery. It is being redesigned in Laravel.

Switchboard Home Info Dashboard

A home automation dashboard I built to show current time, weather, forecast, indoor temperature and news stories on a wall-mounted flatscreen monitor. Originally in PHP and CodeIgniter with vanilla JS, it is being rebuilt from the ground up in Redux for better performance.


A personal project I whipped up in a single afternoon during the 2013 US government shutdown. jQuery to handle most of the updating logic with a dollup of vanilla PHP to load shutdown data from a JSON file.

My Reno Radio

A freelance site built for Shamrock Communications in 2012 to help launch new radio stations in Reno, Nevada. PHP + CodeIgniter with MySQL database and Facebook integration.

The Beerocrat

A beer blog I wrote from 2007 to 2010 that I moved from Blogspot to its own domain. One of my first designs using CodeIgniter and jQuery. Ignore the Corona.